Use this form to help you perform an assessment of your competitors' sites, or of your own site prior to (and then again after!) a redevelopment. It acts as a checklist-based assessment mechanism that will give you an actual numeric score at the end. Make a few copies and use them when browsing the web.

To use the form, spend some time looking over the site with this checklist in hand then go through each specific question and click on the scale from "No" to "Yes" as appropriate. If in doubt about any point, select the center (default) value. Once you finish answering the questions click the button at the end to see the site score.

Reviewer Information
Screen Res:
Site Information
Review Questions
1: First Impressions
Does the site make you feel welcome? NoYes
Does it make you want to stay? NoYes
Does it make you want to return or bookmark the site? NoYes
Does it give a clear idea what you can do on the site? NoYes
Can you easily see who owns and runs it? NoYes
2: Communication / Content
Does the site convey a clear sense of its intended audience? NoYes
Does the site convey a clear sense of its intended purpose? NoYes
Is the content appropriate to the purpose of the site? NoYes
Does it use language in a way that is familiar and comfortable to you? NoYes
Is it conversational in its tone? NoYes
3: Accessibility
Is load time appropriate to content, even on a slow modem connection? NoYes
Could you view the site without downloading any plugins? NoYes
Is it functional with your screen resolution/browser? NoYes
Are add-on technologies (Java, Javascript, ActiveX, Flash etc) or other "enhancements" (animated gifs, etc) used only when appropriate? NoYes
Are links large enough to be usable by visitors with limited hand mobility or eyesight? NoYes
4: Design
Does the site use repeating visual themes to create a consistent, clearly recognisable "look-and-feel"? NoYes
Is page length appropriate to site content? NoYes
Is the site appropriate in its use of color? NoYes
Does it avoid juxtaposing text and animations? NoYes
Does it provide feedback whenever possible? NoYes
5: Navigation
Does the site use (approximately) standard link colours? NoYes
Are the links obvious in their intent and destination? NoYes
Is there a convenient, obvious way to move among related pages, and between different sections? NoYes
Is it easy to get to a specific piece of information? NoYes
Does the site provide a search facility and/or a site map? NoYes
6: Maintenance
Does the content appear to be maintained and up to date? NoYes
Is the site free of dead links? NoYes
Is the site free of broken scripts? NoYes
Is the site free of non-functional forms? NoYes
Is the site free of broken images? NoYes
7: Credibility
Is the site free of spelling or grammatical errors? NoYes
Is there a simple way to contact the site owner? NoYes
Does the site have a clearly stated Privacy Policy? NoYes
Does it only link to sites that you would consider reputable? NoYes
Would you trust statements made on the site? NoYes